Motherwell Doula Care


birth care testimonials

"Having a doula made the birth process bearable. I think I had the best doula ever."
  — Mother

"Anna was amazing. I don't think I could have done it without her! Just her presence alone was relaxing and soothing. She was right by my side the whole time and was full of encouraging words and helpful suggestions. She was exactly what we wanted/needed."
  — Brianna

"Anna provided a caring and gracious presence throughout a very long labor."
  — Jennifer (mother to Asa and Edgar)

"Anna was excellent support. She stayed many hours without rest. Her 'way' is very special..."
  — Midwife

"Anna is a natural, great energy..."
  — Marcy Tardio, CNM (midwife)

"Very supportive of hypnobirthing mother and 'quiet' technique."
  —Dale Cook, CNM (midwife)

postpartum care testimonials

"It brought tears to my eyes writing this as I recalled how difficult that first month was, and what a relief it was to talk to someone who understood. I am grateful every time I breastfeed my baby and I'm grateful for the support Anna gave me in just the few visits we've had. Anna is one of those rare people who make you feel at ease within moments of meeting her. She allows space for sharing the honest challenges of the postpartum experience in a way that is deeply supportive. She has helped me with everything from coping with breastfeeding difficulties to navigating decisions about daycare. She is a gifted listener, and has been able to tune in to my particular needs and respond with empathy, insight, and a complete lack of judgement. She has also been wonderful with my baby - happy to carry and bounce her endlessly while I napped! I am profoundly grateful to have met her and plan on benefiting from her services in the months - even years! - ahead. For any woman considering postpartum support - either practical or emotional - I can't recommend Anna highly enough."
  — first time mother

"Anna nurtured our family in many ways. My baby enjoyed Anna's gentle, caring presence which allowed me to shower or just get things done around the house. When I was nursing the baby Anna helped with laundry, dishes, sweeping, etc. I looked forward to Anna's kind, encouraging presence and truly appreciate the support she provided"
  — Melanie

"Anna was very sensitive and gentle in the way she offered suggestions and help. Cleaning and taking our older daughter out was great, quite a relief!"
  —Matt (father to Annie and Maisie)

"Anna was exemplary in level of care and assistance. She provided much emotional and physical support while she aided me in latching the baby on and giving me encouragement... She was able to anticipate my needs and provide assistance when I had trouble asking."
  — Mother

"Anna was invaluable to me during the first few days after the birth of my daughter... For me, Anna's gentle, loving and calm demeanor was very important. Also, her breastfeeding help and support was incredibly helpful. She was so supportive of me and my family and I would recommend her to anyone needing a postpartum doula! Anna is a natural nurturer and perfect for this job!"
  —India (mother to Odette)