Motherwell Doula Care


What is a Postpartum Doula?

A postpartum doula eases the transition for your family during the first months after the birth of your baby. She can cook, clean, care for older children and run errands so you can rest and meet the needs of your new baby. She can answer many questions you have about feeding, diapering, dressing, burping, and soothing your little one. She is skilled at infant care and can care for your baby while you take care of yourself (sleeping, bathing, getting out of the house alone). She is knowledgeable about the emotional and physical transformation you are going through and can address your concerns about how you are feeling. When appropriate, she can refer you to local resources that will help you and your family move through the first tender year of your new baby's life and become the parents you wish to be.

A postpartum doula is not a baby nurse or a baby sitter. Nor is she a health care provider, a mental health professional or a lactation consultant. A postpartum doula nurtures, educates and can refer new parents to resources that may help you as your family grows.

Postpartum doula support is especially helpful if you are:

  • experiencing emotional complications (insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritability, afraid to be alone with your baby)
  • having a slow recovery from birth (as a result of surgery, injury or trauma)
  • parenting twins or other multiples
  • a single parent
  • having feeding challenges
  • have an infant with special or high needs
  • living far away from family and friends
  • feel like you can't do this alone and need more help

Parenting is hard work and all families deserve and benefit from experienced, compassionate support.

To learn more about how doulas make a difference visit DONA International